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适用范围 Application
Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places.     
Can be used in IIA、IIB、group explosive atmosphere.
 型号含义 Model implication 

 产品特点 Features                                             外形及安装举例 Outline and installing dimension
■Diecasted aluminium alloty shell with plastic-sprayed surface.
■Pressure-casted formation,compact structrue and aesthetic appearance.
■Suitable for steel pipe and cable wiring.
■After one bulb failed,another one will auto take place the previous.
■Using optmized control circuit and reliable integral elements,it can be selt-on
     or-off with the ambient temperature,high reliability, can be on at
     nights and in fog,and be offin days automatically.
■Suitable for GB3836-2000,IEC60079 standard request.  
主要技术参数 Main technical parameters
                                防爆标志                             防护等级                           电缆外径(¢,mm)                         进线口螺纹(G")     
                                          Ex-mark                                Protection                           Cables outside                              Inlets thread          
                                                                                       grade                                    diameter  
                                         Exd Ⅱ BT4                              IP65                                        10~14                                                     3/4                    
 配用光源 Supplied with lamps
                                    光源类型                    额定电压(v)                          额定功率(w)                               灯座代号                        重量
                                       Lamp type                  Rated voltage           Cables outside diameter                        Lamp socket                   Mass

                                     白炽灯                              220V/50Hz                  40、60、100        E27      13        



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